Every few weeks during winter a warm day just happens.  It's hard for the horses not to show what they think about these occasional breaks from the cold.

The horses are willing to share this feeling with us.  Ian and I can easily slip in to the experience.  Though we are able to photograph the horses, the other wildlife
(turkeys, deer, and almost any other native critter) can be caught just laying about.

As you can see, Buddy is a buddy.  When he first came to the ranch he was somewhat skittish.  There's nothing like a warm sunshine and some pasture grass to take the edge off.

Now Buddy is one of our more curious and friendly horses.
So curious in fact, that the Camera is something he wanted to study and nose.  That was OK with me since I wanted to get a picture of that cuddly nose.  You have to admit that that velvety nose makes you just want to nose him back.
Now Sport is a boy's horse.  He tough, fast, and sensitive--that is, he listens.  I didn't say he was a boy.  I know he's looks scruffy here, but it is his day off.  He's also not that small.
Jake is wondering why we are spoiling the silence.  He'll put up with it because, well, because he's unflappable.

You would think that the nice day brings this sense of calm out of Jake.  In truth, Jake's just a nice horse all the time.  It could be windy, cold, and just a rotten day and Jake will possess the same sense of calm.

The day Jake gets worried, I'm going to get worried.

... Kathleen Kenner.

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