Turn on Harrison Park Rd.  (You can only turn one way.)

Turn right onto the first paved drive (in other words, go straight at the sharp bend in the road where the left arrow sign is).  This paved drive is approximately ½ mile down Harrison Park Road.  Follow the paved drive for one mile, and stay to the left.  We are located at the big red barns.  We currently do not have any signs for the Kenner Ranch but you can't miss the barns.

See you there!

Ranch Directions:

The best way to find your way to the Kenner Ranch is to use Yahoo! Maps or a similar application to produce directions to the following location:

The intersection of ...

Hwy 79
at Harrison Park Rd. 92036

When you reach that location, you will be approximately 1.5 miles from the Ranch.  From this intersection, do the following: 
This is the hay-barn as you drive up to the Ranch--on a winter day that is!

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